Lakon – 24th February 1867


The Commission found at Lakon a fairly large Annamese colony, which had emigrated from the province of Nghe-an, following the wars which devastated the Tong-king. The route that these emigrants had taken to come from Nghe-an, crosses a fairly mountainous region, which it would be interesting to explore in order to recognize if it does not offer any insurmountable difficulty in establishing direct trade relations between the coasts. of Cochinchina and the valley of Cambodia. Lakon is only thirty-five nautical leagues from the coast of the Annamese province of Quang-binh, along which there are good anchorages, and the navigation obstacles presented by the lower part of the river must consider replacing the river route with active roadways which link the port of Saigon to the various points of the Cochinchinese coast.

Garnier, Vol 1: 269