The various supplies for the expedition were divided into about one hundred and forty packages which, in both size and weight, were very easy to handle.

They were as follows:

24 barrels of wine containing 766 litres

8 barrels of brandy containing 302 litres

15 cases of flour containing 312 kilograms

15 cases of biscuit containing 270 kilograms

13 cases of preserves and other foodstuffs containing 208 kilograms

4 cases of various tools, lead lines, sail canvas, etc.

1 case of instruments

15 cases of objects for exchange or gifts (guns, revolvers, watches, fabric, prints, telescopes, knives, brass, lead, etc.)

45 packages including the luggage of the officers, sleeping supplies and mess kit

Finally, the financial resources of the expedition came to 25,000 francs comprising 10,000 francs in Mexican piasters and 15,000 francs in gold ingots and Siamese currency.